iPhone 15 USB C Port, Apple Astonishing decision complies with EU regulations


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iPhone 15 USB C Port: Introduction

iPhone 15 USB C Port: The iPhone 15’s switch to USB-C brings it in line with other Apple products, as well as rival Android smartphones, game consoles, cameras, laptops, and e-readers.

In order to comply with EU regulations, Apple has introduced its new iPhone 15 series, which includes a USB-C charging port instead of the lightning connector.

The tech giant has modified the connector on its flagship handset for the first time since 2012.

Since the EU stipulated that all portable electronics sport a universal connector by the end of 2024 to reduce e-waste and simplify life for customers, the switch had been anticipated.

Apple raised objections to the requirement but accepted that it would have to abide by it. The company announced the move on Tuesday at the iPhone launch event.

iPhone 15 USB C Port
According to Kaiann Drance, a spokesperson for Apple, USB-C is being added to the iPhone 15 because it "has become a universally accepted standard."

iPhone 15 USB C Port: iPhone 15 Price Range

The price range for the iPhone 15 is similar to that of the iPhone 14, with a normal 6.1″ model going for £799, a 6.7″ plus model going for £899, and more potent pro versions with the same screen sizes going for £999 and £1,199.

When they are all released on September 22nd, they will all have USB-C ports.

The Need for a Circular Economy for Electronics

The iPhone adopting USB-C puts it on par with competing Android phones, cameras, laptops, e-readers like Kindle, and gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, not just with other Apple goods like the most recent Macs and iPads.

The standard wired earphones for the iPhone and the USB-C charging case for its AirPods Pro earbuds were two other announcements made by Apple during the event held at its California headquarters.

iPhone 15 USB C Port

Although more gadgets are using it, several experts are concerned about the quantity of cords that can quickly become outdated.

According to VMware’s Ed Hoppitt, “mountains and mountains of e-waste” might be produced.

According to him, “numerous Apple phones, devices, headphones, adapters, and other accessories have used the lightning cable since it was introduced with the iPhone 5 in 2012.”

“Apple sold 610 million devices with the old 30-pin connector before discontinuing it in 2012.

“They have sold more than two billion iPhones alone since 2021.”

Apple announced several environmental steps at the event in an effort to head off the criticism, such as ending the production of leather watch straps and phone cases.

The newest Apple Watch Series 9 will be the company’s first carbon-neutral product, and the US tech company has committed to becoming completely carbon-neutral by the year 2030.

The migration to USB-C will ultimately prove to be a “victory for common sense,” according to industry expert Ben Wood, principal analyst at CCS Insight.

Apple announces: New cameras and colors

According to Apple, the basic and larger models of the iPhone 15 have screens that are twice as brilliant as their predecessors, a telephoto lens with a two-times zoom and a 48-megapixel camera.

The previously exclusive “dynamic island” for the iPhone 14 Pro is now available on every iPhone 15 model. This modifies how alerts appear when they arrive and replaces the notch with a smaller cutout in the screen.

Roadside assistance may now be requested in remote locations via the devices’ satellite connectivity, however, for the time being, this feature is only available in the US.

Additionally, pink is one of the new colors, especially with all the Barbie mania this year.

The pro model will have an upgraded camera with a five-times optical zoom, an even brighter screen, a quicker chip, a redesigned titanium shell, a configurable action button to replace the mute switch, and more.

Shares slip after lack of surprises

The main selling point of the £399 Apple Watch Series 9 is its ability to recognize minute variations in the wearer’s blood flow, such as when they double tap their thumb and index finger.

The gesture frees up the wearer’s other hand, so they can focus on other chores while quickly completing things like starting a stopwatch or picking up a phone call.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2, on the other hand, is a follow-up to last year’s wearable targeted at fitness enthusiasts and priced at £799. However, advancements compared to the prior model seemed minimal.

On September 22, the new watches will be available alongside the iPhone 15.

The statements did not exceed what was anticipated before the event, and after the opening hour, shares fell 1.7%.

Apple may still release new iPads before the year is up, but the $2,800 mixed-reality headgear it previewed earlier this summer won’t be available until the beginning of 2024.


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